The Messy Data Coalition

Data is everywhere. Except in our classrooms.

We're changing that, one data mess at a time.


Today's learners will enter a world defined by data. Data already plays a pivotal role in our homes, our workplaces, and our communities. But in too many learning experiences and classrooms across the nation data is not yet playing this crucial role.

This is a tremendous oversight. It is also an incredible opportunity.

Charter Signatories

Concord Consortium RISC youcubed TERC Oceans of Data National Geographic Smithsonian Science Education Center
BSCS Science Learning Gulf of Main Research Institute New York Science Museum NetApp Exploratorium Tuva Labs Introduction to Data Science
Just Equations eeps media

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Help us build data science education from the ground up and provide all learners the opportunity to thrive in a data-rich world!